Thankfully, the advanced technology of NeoGraft transplantation system allows women to achieve a discrete solution to their hair loss —natural-looking results with no linear scar, minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period

There is no sexism, when it comes to baldness — women as well as men deal with hair loss. In fact, 50 million men and about 30 million women suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair.

It seems unusual to most people that a woman might lose her hair, but as these numbers indicate, a surprisingly significant portion of the female population does indeed suffer from hair loss and Female Pattern Hair Loss (or FPHL for short). And in a culture where you can even identify each beautiful Disney Princess by the color of her hair, hair loss/thinning hair can be a devastating cosmetic issue for a woman (even more so than with men) known to reduce self-esteem and cause anxiety. Anxiety, tension, insomnia have decreased to a minimum, but I think they will stop altogether after a full course of admission. I have been taking Xanax for only 2 weeks and the result is noticeable. I think there will be no withdrawal syndrome, because I take it under the supervision of a doctor. I can say it is a really good drug in this area.

As unhappy as a woman may be about her hair problem, many potential patients shy-away from (or are not candidates for) the traditional “strip method” of hair replacement because of the slow recovery time, the loss of feeling at the incision site, the tiny linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of post-operative pain involved. Also, women — more so than men — tend to not want anyone to know/detect that they are undergoing hair restoration.

Thankfully, though, there is now NeoGraft — the first and only FDA-cleared follicular unit harvesting and implantation system. This revolutionary system uses pneumatic controls to precisely extract complete individual hair follicles that can be immediately transplanted to the selected areas of the scalp (NeoGraft uses a controlled pneumatic pressure to slide out the graft smoothly, so there is no pulling or twisting which can risk damaging the graft.) The NeoGraft automated hair transplantation system is the only complete harvesting system on the market and has the only ‘NO TOUCH’ implantation technology.

NeoGraft provides absolute exact harvesting and placement, delivering repeatable results. With NeoGraft’s technology each follicle is removed individually — and the patient feels no discomfort in the process. NeoGraft’s advanced technology allows patients to achieve natural-looking results with no linear scar, minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period.

  • Superior Results – Natural looking results allowing hair to be worn short or long for both men and women.
  • Advanced Technology – Automated Technology, least invasive procedure for hair transplantation.
  • Gentle – Little to no discomfort.  No scalpel incision. No staples. No unsightly linear scar.
  • Quick Recovery Time – Minimal downtime, patients can typically go back to work the next day.
  • Effective – Less activity restrictions than traditional strip methods.

For more information about NeoGraft, give us a call today. Here at Kevitch & Chung Aesthetic Surgery Associates, NeoGraft has been used to help many
women curb their hair loss and regain the appearance they’ve been longing for.