SmartGraft® allows you to stop your thinning hair or balding issue … by using your own hair.

With SmartGraft® advanced technology, you get natural-looking hair replacement results with no linear scar, minimal downtime, and a shorter recovery period.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you want a nice head of hair, right? When you look in the mirror and notice the first signs of thinning hair or hair loss, you don’t just have to accept it as a result of genetics or as just “part of getting old.” You can do something about it easily, painlessly, and quickly — without surgery. It’s called SmartGraft®.

Restore your Hair with SmartGraft®

SmartGraft® is a procedure used in the hair loss of both men and women. This revolutionary technique can also be used to replace missing hair in the eyebrows.

What is the procedure?

SmartGraft® is a revolutionary technology that uses a hollow needle that allows us to harvest individual hair follicles. This technique is called capital follicular unit extraction or FUE. The hair follicles are then transplanted individually into the desired areas. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

How it works

SmartGraft® can take anywhere from three to eight hours depending on the number of FUEs necessary to cover the desired area. The most common donor area is the occipital portion of your scalp or the back of your head. Swelling and bruising are common and typically last for about one week. By week three, there is minimal to no evidence that you underwent a procedure. Results are usually extremely natural. This procedure is very different than the old method of punch grafting, which usually leaves unnatural-looking results.

The normal cycle of new hair growth after SmartGraft® or hair transplant typically begins to grow for approximately a three-month period. Between months three and six, the newly transplanted hair will begin to shed for the fallout. The hair then goes into a quiescent or sleep cycle between months six and nine. At month nine, the transplanted hair follicles will begin to grow. At one year, approximately 80-90% of the hair transplant will be visibly growing.

Before & After Photographs

See for yourself the amazing results of our Hair Restoration patients. This treatment has changed their life!

Strip Extraction — SCAR: For strip extraction, a strip of the scalp is removed from the side or back of the patient’s head. The excision requires a significant incision that is stapled or sutured.

SmartGraft — NO SCAR: SmartGraft is based on the minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique that harvests individual hair follicles rather than strips of scalp.

Strip Extraction — LONGER PROCEDURE, MORE RETURN VISITS: Strip extraction is a lengthy process, and many of the hair follicles do not grow and remain. As a result, patients may need several procedures to achieve the fullness and appearance they desire.

SmartGraft — SHORTER PROCEDURE, FEWER RETURN VISITS: Because SmartGraft is a fully automated system, hair grafts are placed more quickly in the treatment area. This increases the likelihood that the grafts will be successful. This results in fewer visits.

Strip Extraction —LONG AND PAINFUL: Strip extraction is an extensive and often painful method of hair transplantation. Patients must heal from the extensive incision made during the scalp excision. Time is needed for the many tiny incisions needed to place the grafts to heal as well.

SmartGraft — BACK TO NORMAL NEXT DAY & NO DISCOMFORT: The system uses the FUE technique for harvesting donor hair follicles. This technique reduces patient discomfort during and after the procedure. Downtime is minimal. Many people return to work the next day, sometimes two days after having the procedure.