Breast Reduction

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Natural-Looking Breast Reduction

Is excess breast fat keeping you from an active lifestyle, or causing you back and neck pain? Do you feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts in proportion to your body size?

Breast reduction surgery can help remove excess breast fat, tissue, and skin to achieve a size that is right for you. The procedure can also help alleviate physical and emotional discomfort and restore self- confidence.

What is the procedure?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure which removes excess breast fat, tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size that is in proportion to your body and reduces discomfort. Breast reduction can be performed unilaterally (on one breast) or bilaterally (on both breasts). It’s generally considered a reconstructive procedure and may be covered by your health insurance provider.

How it works

Using a series of surgical techniques, we are able to remove fat and skin, and reshape and lift one or both breasts to achieve the desired look and reduce discomfort. Reduction techniques vary depending on breast size and shape, the amount of tissue to remove, and other factors such as scarring and the need for future breast feeding.

Common procedures include an anchor incision, a vertical incision, free nipple graft, and liposuction, or some combination of these techniques.

Although recovery is different for each individual, you will most likely need to take between one to two weeks off of work or school to heal post-surgery. While recovering, you’ll need to stop or limit physical activity and heavy lifting for at least a month after surgery.

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