It’s time for summer fun!  How can we support and protect our skin during the summer months?  Read on to see some tips from Jami, our skincare specialist!

 Don’t stop using your Vitamin A products.

Summertime is not the time to put away your topical Vitamin A.  This vitamin is crucial for normal activity of the skin cells and counteracts many of the changes associated with ageing and UV damage.  Vitamin A is depleted in the skin very quickly upon sun exposure.  If relying on ingested Vitamin A, it can take a week for it to replenish in your cells. Applying topical Vitamin A daily is our recommendation.  If you are using a form of Vitamin A that makes you sun-sensitive (ie: tretinoin or retinol) and you feel that you cannot continue with that in summer; discuss with us what Vitamin A product would be appropriate for you in the summer.

Vitamin C:  

Although we recommend Vitamin C all year round, it is a very important part of a skin health regimen in the summer.  Vitamin C (and Vitamin E) are destroyed by exposure to light.  These antioxidants help quell free radical activity caused by the sun.  They help to protect your cellular membranes and DNA.  Vitamin C is also brightening which is beneficial for pigment.  Our faves:  Environ AVST, C Quence, Antioxidant gel (great for young skins and for sunburn), C Boost and Skinbetter Alto Advanced.  Environ ACE Oil is also great for body to help restore and protect body skin.

DNA repair enzymes support the skin’s natural recovery after sun exposure.

These enzymes may reduce the chance of skin cancer and help repair sun damage, making them a smart part of summer skincare. Our favorite is Skinbetter Alto Advanced. (Bonus- this product contains 19 antioxidants, including Vitamin C & E.)

Non HQ brighteners:  

If you have issues with sun damage pigmentation or melasma, you may want to add in a non hydroquinone brightener for summer to help keep pigment at bay. You cannot prevent pigment from showing on skin during sunny months. These brightening products support a more even skin tone.  Our favorites: Alastin A-Illuminate and SkinBetter Even Tone.

PF:  Don’t forget about eyes and lips for summer.  

These delicate areas need SPF protection too.  Our favorites:  Colorescience Total Eye, Elta MD UV AOX Eye, Colorescience Lip Shine, and Tizo Lip tinted lip protection.   Also, pay attention to if your SPF is water resistant.    If you are doing outdoor activities and/or water activities you may need a water resistant SPF.  If you are in the water or tend to sweat, look for an SPF that states water resistant for 80 minutes of running water.  Our favorites: SkinBetter tinted, clear and compact SPFs; especially for face,  and Elta Sport 50+ for body.

Oral support for sun exposure.  

You may want to consider adding something like Heliocare to your summer supplement regimen.  The active ingredient, polypodium leucotomos extract, is from a fern from South America.  This ingredient can help strengthen the skin’s immune response and enhance UV protection.  It acts as an antioxidant in your system- disarming free radicals that cause harm to the cells.  If you are outdoors a lot in the summer or taking a trip where there is intense sun, you may want to try this supplement. Take it on days when you’ll be in the sun or as part of your summer wellness program. This is not an SPF in a pill, so you must still apply your daily SPF.

Thank you for taking the time to read our summer skin care tips!

We hope you found these insights helpful in keeping your skin healthy and glowing throughout the season. Remember, protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays and maintaining a consistent skincare routine are key to enjoying all the summer has to offer.

If you have any questions or need personalized advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our ASA Team. We’re here to help you achieve your best skin yet. Stay hydrated, stay protected, and enjoy the sunshine safely! Contact us HERE