Breast Asymmetry

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Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is common; however, too dramatic a difference can cause discomfort and leave patients feeling self-conscious. We are able to correct dramatic differences in breast symmetry and leave you feeling comfortable and confident with your body.

What is the procedure?

Breast asymmetry relates to a difference in breast volume, breast position, nipple position as well as developmental problems of the breast. It can also relate to a difference in the droop, or hang, of one or both breasts. Although breast asymmetry is very common and may not be noticeable to others, it may cause significant concern for some women. Women that have significant breast asymmetry often find clothing and bras a frustrating experience as they try and mask the asymmetry through the use of padding and bras.

If you are feeling insecure with the differences about your breasts, we have corrective surgical procedures that create symmetry and leave you feeling more confident.

How it works

There are many causes of breast asymmetry including previous surgery from breast cancer, birth malformations, as well as changes during pregnancy. Correcting the asymmetry requires an individualized approach for each patient.

The doctors at Kevitch, Chung, and Jan want to get to know the patient and understand their concerns before creating the best possible treatment plan. Treatments for breast asymmetry depend largely on the underlying asymmetry. For some women, breast asymmetry treatment may involve breast augmentation, fat grafting, breast lift, breast reduction, areolar reduction, or any combination of these procedures to achieve symmetry.

Tuberous breast deformity is a specific type of asymmetry which involves constricting scar tissue within the breast. This creates a narrow breast with an elongated projection and enlarged areola. To correct a tuberous breast deformity requires the release of the internal scar tissue along with each areolar reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation.

Procedure outcome and recovery process will depend on the type and level of treatment. To discuss the expectations and outcomes of breast asymmetry corrective surgery, contact our office to schedule a consultation.