Jim C. is a patient at Kevitch, Chung & Jan who is currently using the NeoGraft Hair replacement system to address his hair loss. He’s agreed to share his story of going through the NeoGraft process with us through a five-part series of blog posts. He hopes that what he shares will help other men and women decide to pursue hair replacement by NeoGraft.

“I’m so looking forward to Christmas,” shares Jim with as much delight as you’d expect to receive from a child some 50 years his junior anticipating the magical day. “


“I had 2400 some hairs transplanted over three months ago and everything is just as they said it would be. About month or so ago, I had an appointment with Dr. Kevitch to check on things. I also go back to them to pick up certain products and shampoos that they carry to help the grafts grow in faster.”

“I’m soon going for my first haircut since …” Jim says with his voice trailing off as he tries to remember back to when he had enough hair to be trimmed. “Let me see, I have not been to a real barber since 1990. I now feel like I have my life back.”


“Its nice to have your own hair. It’s nice to be in control. I feel in control. I have control over myself which I did not before when I wore a hairpiece  It controlled me. NeoGraft has fixed that for me.