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The Lehigh Valley's Top Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Dermatologist

Aesthetic Surgery Associates is the premier cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery group and dermatology in the Lehigh Valley. Recognized as Allentown’s top plastic surgeons, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Robert B. Kevitch, Dr. Johnny S. Chung, and Dr. Badar U. Jan, along with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marie Wagener, and dermatology PA Heather Davis, can help you achieve the appearance you want, and give you the confidence you desire.

Our staff works closely with each patient, developing an individualized treatment plan to enhance the natural features or correct problems of the face, skin, breast, and body.
How to choose a plastic surgeon It's important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that is right for you. This means they should be well-trained, qualified, experienced, and a good fit. At Aesthetic Surgery Associates, our surgeons are board-certified with the highest level of training, hospital privileges, and experience to match. Not only are our surgeons qualified, but their dedication to their patients is unmatched. Aesthetic Surgery Associates is the preferred practice in the greater Lehigh Valley.
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Breast Contouring Solutions
Using a personal touch, our team can help enhance, correct, or reduce your existing breast size to help you achieve a look that is comfortable and perfect for you.
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Body Contouring Solutions
Our team understands the frustration of a changing body. With our line of body sculpting and contouring solutions, we can help you get your confidence back and give you a body you love.
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Age-Defying Face Solutions
Whether looking to enhance your brow line, better define your chin, or reduce the signs of age and stress on the face, our team is determined to help you look refreshed and show off your age-defying beauty.
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We understand the complexities of skin and how to solve the issues that creep up as a result of age, heredity, sun damage, and stress. Let our team rejuvenate your skin and give you a youthful, glowing appearance.
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Transformative Hair Solutions
Our team wants you to feel comfortable with the amount of hair you have on your head and body. With our line of transformative hair solutions, including hair removal, hair transplant, and hair restoration, we can help get your confidence back.
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Transformative Dermatology Services
Our skin protects us from disease, elements, stress, and helps to regulate body temperature. Taking care of your skin is the best way allow it to do it's job. We offer a full line of dermatology services from prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin diseases to cosmetic dermatology offerings.
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