You have the opportunity every day to have healthier skin just by what you choose to eat!!!  Yes, food can be a solution to improving the appearance of your skin.

So let’s talk about the Inside Out Approach to vibrant skin.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1)Hydration – Well we all know that we should be drinking water – but are you??  Now is the perfect time to make it a priority to drink your daily water.  Make it a habit.

2) Ditch the Sugar – Sugar does not fit into a healthy skin lifestyle and here is why…sugar perpetuates glycation!  Glycation makes your collagen and elastin fibers stiff and inflexible and appears on the skin as fine crisscrossed bundles of wrinkles.  Prevention is better than the cure because glycation is hard to treat.  Sugar is also inflammatory and feeds the bad bacteria in the gut helping to lead to dysbiosis.  Kiss sugar goodbye and say hello to healthy collagen!

3) Eat the Rainbow – Choose from all the colors of the rainbow with your vegetables and fruit.  Variety is the spice of life and is what your gut loves best.  These foods are nutrient-dense and will help your skin to glow and gut to thrive. Plant foods are very important for healthy skin.  You can also add dehydrated green powders to your smoothie for a nutrient-dense boost of greens, proteins, fruits & veggies.  Jami our skincare specialist recommends, Amazing Grass Protein Superfood.

4) Go Organic/Non-GMO – Eating GMO foods is like eating “bug killers” all the time.  Glyphosate (which is in GMO foods) kills all beneficial microbes in plants.  What do you think is happening to your gut bacteria when you eat these foods.  Gut health is crucial for skin health.  Ditch the GMOs for not just skin health but overall better health.

5) Drink Green Tea – This antioxidant superpower has polyphenols that neutralize free radicals that accelerate the skin’s aging process.  Green tea is anti-inflammatory, can help protect against UV rays, can decrease skin redness, improve skin tone, and reduce acne.  So drink up!!

6) Lay low on the Vino – It is so easy right now to go for that comforting glass of wine or two every evening.  But remember that alcohol will tax your liver, dehydrate your skin, can disrupt sleep which is vital for healthy skin, is inflammatory and weakens your willpower enabling you to indulge in poor food choices.  Plus high levels of glycosphate (Roundup) have been found in a good deal of wines.  And remember what I said earlier about glycosphate.  So be careful not to over-indulge.

7) Eat healthy fats – Healthy fats help prevent skin dryness and help keep skin supple and moisturized.  Good sources of healthy fat include ground flaxseed, avocado, cold-water fish, and walnuts.  Steer clear of bad fats which will age your skin such as trans fats and saturated fats.

8) Probiotics – Your gut health is directly related to your skin health.  A balanced microbial ecosystem in your gut is crucial to great skin.  You may want to consider taking a good probiotic supplement.  But buyer beware – not all probiotics are created equal.  Research probiotics before deciding on one.  Think you are getting probiotics via your yogurt – doubtful.  Most live cultures are not surviving the processing of the yogurt and the added sugars are a big no-no for healthy gut/healthy skin.  Adding fermented vegetables is a great way to help with your good bacteria as well.

If these suggestions feel too overwhelming for you, just start with 1 or 2.  Drink more water, drink some green tea and start to become mindful of the others.  You don’t have to make every change in 1 day.   Just know that skin is fed from the inside and you can make direct changes by being mindful of your daily habits.  

Remember you are just a choice away from healthier skin.