Nutrafol hair supplements are meant to provide nutritional support that targets hormonal, inflammatory, and stress-related causes of hair loss and thinning.  Along with addressing existing hair loss it also serves as a preventative and anti-aging regimen to maintain healthy hair growth and thickness.  Nutrafol can be used alone or in conjunction with other hair loss treatment modalities.

Nutrafol’s synergistic ingredients help to target the different factors contributing to hair loss.  Curcumin is meant to help repair and prevent inflammation and oxidative stress.  Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that can help to balance/lower cortisol and other stress hormones. One of the greatest things about such medicine as prednisone is its availability in different dosage forms and doses. When doctors from prescribe it to my patients, I can always select an individual option. Prednisone also suitable for children and for short-term treatment of elderly people. It belongs to my firstline in case of emergency and severe allergic reactions.  Saw Palmetto is a natural DHT inhibitor which is a damaging hair hormone. Also present in Nutrafol are super antioxidants and hydrolyzed marine collagen, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid to help with the structural integrity of follicle, improve moisture, and improve hair strength.

Many Nutrafol users report significant and varied benefits beyond improved hair growth.  Due to the stress adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties of the ingredients. They also report experiencing decreased anxiety, improved sleep, decreased sugar cravings, and improved skin health.

Directions for usage are 4 capsules per day taken all once with a meal that contains fats for better absorption.  Initial results can be seen in the first 3 to 6 months with many patients seeing increased growth and decreased shedding within as little as 2 months.

There are 2 women’s and a men’s formula.  Speak to our esthetician to determine which one is better for you.

Nutrafol should not be taken by anyone under 18 or by women who are pregnant or nursing.  Those taking blood-thinning medications should consult their physician.


Viviscal can be used for anyone who is having hair loss issues or someone who just wants their hair to grow longer.  It is also good for people who have damaged their hair from styling, coloring, etc; basically, anyone who wants beautiful hair can use Viviscal.

Viviscal was founded 26 years ago by a professor studying a group of people who had very thick healthy hair.  He isolated the protein that was enhancing their hair health and that is what the proprietary ingredient is in Viviscal (AminoMar).

There are 9 clinical trials on Viviscal.  It has been shown to reduce shedding of hair, increase hair diameter and increase scalp coverage.  With the professional version of Viviscal, 57% saw an increase in hair growth in 3 months, and 80% after 6 months.

Facts about Viviscal:

  • It is 100% drug free and there were no reported side effects in trials.
  • Body hair is not affected by Viviscal use.
  • It is not tested on animals.
  • Viviscal works by increasing the anagen, or growing phase, of the hair.
  • Professional Viviscal is stronger than over the counter Viviscal and also has added ingredients to promote healthy hair.

What to expect:  

Month 1 hair follicles are nourished.  Month 2 thin wispy baby hairs start appearing.  Month 3 continued new sprouts of hair and breakage and thinning declines.  Month 4 and beyond hair looks and feels stronger.


Viviscal is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, anyone under 18, or anyone allergic to seafood as this is a marine-based supplement.

Promo for Hair Loss Awareness month:

In honor of hair loss awareness month, you may purchase a Nutrafol 3-month supply for $209 (Regularly $229) or purchase Viviscal 3 month supply and receive an extra complimentary 2 week supply of Viviscal. From now until 9/4/20 or while supplies last.