Many acne products pull lipids and ceramides from the skin which, over time, the barrier of the skin becomes disrupted. It is important to fix this barrier disruption and dehydration of the skin.  Below are 2 effective acne moisturizer we dispense right here from our office.  Active ingredients help hydrate and repair the skin way better than a plain moisturizer, due to ingredients geared specifically towards repairing the barrier and treating the acne while rehydrating the skin.

Are you suffering from “maskne” (mask induced acne):  These 2 moisturizers are a good addition to your program to help soothe irritated skin.  

Vivant Totaloe:  Utilizes the healing and calming properties of aloe, along with other calming and restorative ingredients to calm inflamed skin, soothe, hydrate and repair skin.  Although this could be used on all skin, it is ideal for acne, rosacea, irritation, or sunburn.  

Key ingredients:

  • Aloe – For inflammation and to speed healing.
  • Niacinamide – A water-soluble form of Vitamin B with firming effects and anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • Sea Algae Extract – Marine minerals, amino acids, and sea proteins from sea kelp that helps to moisturize the skin, promote collagen production, scavenge free radicals and encourage firmer, younger skin.
  • Green tea – A powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties great for the maintenance of healthy skin.

HydraBoost Gel:  A lightweight, oil-free, dye-free, paraben-free hydrating gel designed for oily/combination skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid:  Light hydration.
  • Oligopeptide 10:  A peptide that inhibits p. acnes bacteria.
  • Niacinamide:  Decreases oil activity, enhances moisture barrier, reduces redness,  and helps with pigmentation.
  • Vitamin B5:  Anti-inflammatory.
  • Green tea: Reduces oil, helps block testosterone, helps reduce acne lesions, does not dry skin. You can apply as often as needed. 

Blue light for acne:

Also, a great option for this type of acne as well as any other form of acne is the Lightstim Acne Light.  This safe FDA cleared light therapy helps to destroy acne-causing bacteria to decrease future breakouts.  It also decreases inflammation.  With just 3 minutes per area, it is a fairly quick, very safe, painless effective way to help treat your acne with just wavelengths of light.  We offer this device at our office or can have it directly drop-shipped to you for your convenience and used as an at home device.

As our research shows, improvement became noticeable from the first days of Accutane treatment. The drug regulated the work of the sebaceous glands. Due to a significant reduction in their secretion, the pores weren’t clogged, and the new pimples stopped to appear. The skin became less red, and the small vessels located close to the skin no longer burst or spread out in the form of vascular asterisks. You can find more information on the

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