This is a question that we get daily. And the neck is not something we think much about until all of a sudden one day we don’t like what is peering back at us when we see our reflection in our devices. The younger you pay attention to your neck the better.

So, if you are in your 20’s or 30’s pay special attention here because prevention is always the best medicine.

As a younger person, the first step is to apply daily SPF to your neck along with your face daily. Stop actively trying to tan your face, neck and chest- this will age you down the road. Ask any woman 50 and above and they will tell you they would tell their younger self to stop cooking themselves in the sun. When in the sun, reapply your SPF every 2 hours. Secondly, applying a vitamin/antioxidant cocktail to your skin daily will help it to be it’s healthiest.  We are especially fond of AVST Skin Essentia from Environ.  With a cocktail of Vitamin, A, C, E, and peptides, it really helps skin, including neck skin, to look and feel it’s best.

And lastly, you need to know that the constant looking down at your devices will age your neck.  Have you heard of Tech Neck?  It is a real thing.

Now if you are already seeing the signs of aging on the neck, your recommendations for SPF are the same as above.  

As for the Vitamin/Antioxidant cocktail that is beneficial, you may be more in the range of Youth Essentia C Quence products. These are stronger than the Skin Essentia AVST and geared towards a more mature or sun damaged skin. In addition, a good neck cream can help the texture, hydration, sagging and crepiness of the neck.

One that we love is: The SkinBetter Techno neck cream.  

Techno Neck has peptides and growth factors for tightening, essential fatty acids for hydrating, Vitamin C and Green Tea, and patented nitric oxide stimulating ingredients to improve blood flow to the area for better neck health.  Adding in LED light therapy 3 to 5 times a week is always a great addition to a homecare program.  We have a convenient neck and chest LED mask that is super easy to use. It just takes 10 minutes for the LED light to do its magic.  Red and Infrared LED light help to stimulate your cell’s energy (ATP) leading to a positive chain reaction of improved skin health.  “Charging” up our cells  can lead to decrease in inflammation, signaling to remove old damaged fibers, and fibroblast stimulation to build collagen.

In office treatments are also available to help address the aging of the neck.  

BBL is an excellent choice for helping combat discoloration and also creating smoother, firmer neck skin. Microneedling and Halo laser are other options that can reduce the look of lines and crepiness and help improve texture.

For the month of May we are offering $75 off the TechNo Neck 50ml and Omniluxe Neck and Chest LED Mask when purchased together.

Please contact us to learn more or to speak to one of our skincare specialist!