Most people can name at least one celebrity they believe has had too much “work done.”

Our goal is always to have people tell our patients they look “wonderful … rested … thinner” without every suspecting they’ve had “work done.” And yes, every once in a while if we feel someone is asking for too much, we’ll say no.But usually, the reason we say no, is that a patient has asked for the wrong thing. Here’s what happens. You see a procedure advertised or featured on television, and assume that’s the right one for you. Facelifts are a great example. There’s a lot of advertising for a procedure we refer to as a mini facelift. Women look in the mirror and see something going on with their chin, neck, jowl … that didn’t used to be there. Come talk to us. Your solution may be botox. It may be lipo. It may be a mini. Or maybe you need a traditional facelift to get the results you want. We’ll be happy to talk about all your options … and make sure what we decide is the right decision for you.