Dr. ChungThis breast augmentation technique places the breast implants through an armpit incision using a long, thin tube with a camera at its end. Although lots of people do it “blind” we feel the camera allows exact placement of the implant and exact elevation of the muscle. It enables us to make the pocket exactly the right size for you so your breasts look natural and symmetrical. The armpit incision is well hidden, and when healed is barely noticeable. It avoids scars on the breast and avoids cutting through the breast tissue.

At your initial consultation, we can explain all your options. We’ll discuss your goals and expectations — natural looking, upper pole fullness, or projection. Some women want a natural look … some want an augmented look.

There are various options available for the implants as well. We offer saline, silicone or stable form (sometimes known as gummy bear). Not all implants are right for each individual. Saline implants for example are heavier than silicone.

And we’ll answer all your questions about how they will look and feel … recovery time … and what to expect during and after the procedure.

You can find more information on our website … or call today to schedule a personal consultation.