Dr. Badar JanThis time of year we see a lot of patients who are interested in liposuction. Makes sense. Putting on summer clothes and swim suits can be a reminder of those areas on your body that seem to store excess fat no matter how much diet and exercise you do to get rid of it.

These areas are usually due to heredity or family traits, and you’re right. All the diet and exercise in the world doesn’t seem to budge them. Liposuction is the surgical removal of localized excess fatty tissue to slim and reshape specific areas of the body.

But it’s important to remember that lipo is a lot more than just sucking out fat. There’s an art and a technique to it. The desired result is not just to get rid of the fat … but also to reduce the ripples, bumps and skin irregularities and contour the body with smoother lines, for a more appealing silhouette.

Although complications associated with lipo are very rare, you’ll want to make sure your physician is a board-certified plastic surgeon with admitting hospital privileges. And the first step is a consultation with that physician. We will ask you about your goals and expectations, your medical history and any medications you’re taking. We’ll explain all the options and help you decide what’s right for you. We’ll answer all your questions about downtime, expected results, and whether your procedure can be done in the office.

One of the options is a relatively new procedure, called CoolSculpting, that freezes fat away. It’s noninvasive … can be done quickly … and needs no recovery time.

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