Jim C. prior to his Neograft Hair Replacement procedure

Jim C. is a patient at Kevitch, Chung & Jan who is currently using the NeoGraft Hair replacement system to address his hair loss. He’s agreed to share his story of going through the NeoGraft process with us through a five-part series of blog posts. He hopes that what he shares will help other men and women decide to pursue hair replacement by NeoGraft.

For many years, Jim C. was unhappy with the way he looked as a result of his hair loss. His options, however, were limited. At the time, hair transplantation was accomplished through the “strip surgery” method; but he was concerned about the risks associated with undergoing a surgical procedure.

Instead, he chose to join The Hair Club for Men and wear a hairpiece. While he was fairly satisfied with how this option disguised his baldness, he soon grew unhappy with the level of ongoing commitment that’s required with a hairpiece.

“I wonder why I did it for all those years,” Jim recalls. “I guess it’s because I wanted hair … even if it wasn’t mine.”

“It really got to be a pain being in The Hair Club for Men. You get to feel like you’re held hostage. You’re held hostage, because it’s not even your own hair! It’s like you don’t have your own lawnmower and you always have to borrow your neighbors.”

“You gotta keep going back for servicing … refurbishment. That’s why they call it a ‘club’ because once you join you can’t leave. Most of these guys wish they never started because they can’t stop now. They’re scared. They have to go every other week, every month to keep their hair looking right.”

“These guys need to know, like I found out, that they can have a permanent solution by having a very simple procedure done,” adds Jim referring to the NeoGraft procedure, which he has recently undergone.

“It’s such a great feeling to not be a hostage to a hair piece,” he says with relief, rubbing his head where the new hair grafts are growing. “It’s now all mine.”

“It’s like owning your own car versus taking the bus.”