Jim C. is a patient at Kevitch, Chung & Jan who is currently using the NeoGraft Hair replacement system to address his hair loss. He’s agreed to share his story of going through the NeoGraft process with us through a five-part series of blog posts. He hopes that what he shares will help other men and women decide to pursue hair replacement by NeoGraft.

“I was excited about NeoGraft because it was a very noninvasive procedure and it seemed like after all these years there was finally an alternative to surgery,” explains Jim who prior to undergoing the NeoGraft procedure struggled with wearing a headpiece to address his hair loss because he did not want to face the risks associated with a surgical procedure.

“I had been to Dr. Kevitch several times before for cysts on my face. When I heard about NeoGraft I made an appointment to talk about the NeoGraft procedure. I went in … he talked to me … he told me basically the whole procedure … he showed me lots of pictures of people who had it done … and he looked at my head and told me that I had enough donor hair.”

“I said, ‘This is great, but are you sure you can accomplish this for me?’ and he said, ‘I’m 97% sure.’ I remember I felt so relieved because by then I knew I didn’t want to go through The Hair Club for Men system any more.”

“I looked at the Internet and read everyone’s comments about NeoGraft. I called (COO) Mary (Stubmann) at Kevitch, Chung & Jan many times with tons of questions about NeoGraft. It’s all good, positive things about NeoGraft. Which got me feeling good before I even went in to have it done.”