Bridget S. first came to Kevitch, Chung & Jan for eyelid surgery to correct her droopy eyelids which were making her look both tired and older than she was. After the wonderful experience she had here with that procedure, she consulted with us again to have a tummy tuck performed to remove the excess skin she had at her belly which was causing her both medical issues and aesthetic concerns. Here is Bridget’s story …

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“I was really glad I had my eyes done, so after that, I went back to more open houses because … I was curious,” explains the 49-year-old with a coy laugh.

Initially, Bridget had made up her mind that she was not going to have any additional work done. She was still a regular patient of Kevitch, Chung & Jan, however, as she saw one of our in-house aestheticians, Katie, for skin treatments. During one of these skin treatment visits, the two were discussing the loose skin that Bridget had at her belly as a result of her two pregnancies.

“I was getting a lot of skin infections down there because I had so much loose skin, believe it or not. I do a lot of long distance walking and I’m active outside so my skin would constantly get irritated and I’d get infections under the big skin roll. For me, the idea of having a procedure to remove that skin wasn’t strictly for cosmetic looks – but obviously, that’s a nice benefit of it, too.”

“As I was leaving that appointment Katie said, ‘There’s Dr. Chung … why don’t you go ask him what he thinks?’ So I told him I was considering what to do about this extra skin by my tummy. He told me to schedule a consult and if we would both decide on having a tummy tuck done that I should wait until the end of summer to have it done because the garment you have to wear makes you warm and you have to keep it on for 24 hours a day for several weeks. He knew from my eye procedure that I’m pretty active and wearing the garment in the summer would be an issue for me.”

“This was April … so I called and made my consult but it was not going to be until the first week in August — they are just so busy there. After I made the consult, I admit, I began to have second thoughts. I never thought of myself as one of those women who keep going back to have more cosmetic procedures done. But I decided I wanted to at least find out about my options.”

Bridget’s story will continue in her next blog post …