Jim C. is a patient at Kevitch, Chung & Jan who is currently using the NeoGraft Hair replacement system to address his hair loss. He’s agreed to share his story of going through the NeoGraft process with us through a five-part series of blog posts. He hopes that what he shares will help other men and women decide to pursue hair replacement by NeoGraft.

“Everything Dr. Kevitch and the staff explained to me — that’s exactly how it happened,” Jim says happily, recalling the day of his NeoGraft procedure at Kevitch, Chung & Jan. “And everything since then has worked out exactly as they explained and promoted it, too.”

“I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. I loved it.”

“I was there for the day, eight hours. I arrived and met with Dr. Kevitch and his two NeoGraft technicians. First thing, one of the techs shaved my head. Then I got a shot in the back of my head. It was nothing. It felt like being jabbed with just a toothpick. I’m sure they gave me a few more shots after that, but I did not feel them. I felt nothing the entire time.”

“The first part of the procedure — you lay on your stomach with your head facing into a hole in a pillow and you can talk to the doc and the techs and they take the hair from the back of your head. There were two NeoGraft techs there — they extracted all my donor hairs from the back of my head with the NeoGraft tube. Again, I did not feel a thing.”

“It was then lunchtime so they (the practice) bought me lunch. We sat and ate lunch together until the second part of the day began. Now you’re turned over. I got one or two shots on the front of my head which again I didn’t feel. Dr. Kevitch took a marker or pen and marked on my head where my new hair was going to go.”

The two technicians got all the grafts they collected from the back of my head and they used these instruments — one put the graft near the hole and another that pushed it in. The two of them went to work on me applying 2400 grafts while Dr. Kevitch closely supervised.”

“I tell you I did not feel a thing. It took about two hours. I kept my eyes closed. Dr. Kevitch and I — we talked during the procedure. I actually really enjoyed the procedure — there’s really not much to it.”