"Dr. Chung is an amazing surgeon and that is an understatement. I have full trust in him with whatever type of procedure is performed. I was originally referred to Dr. Chung through mutual friends. Now, I continue to use him for everything! The whole office upholds a high-level of professionalism. The care is extremely personal and I appreciate the time taken with each patient. I appreciate everyone at this office. Keep up the great work and keep smiling.
– Alyssa K
"Dr. Jan was awesome! We felt very important and like we were the only patients he had. He was very concerned, sincere, competent and kind. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jan, GREAT!
– Anabela
"I was completely confident and impressed with the entire ASA staff after my initial consultation. When I had a concern ( on Friday evening), Dr. Chung quickly returned my call and calmed my anxiety. He is extremely professional and has a caring, gentle demeanor. He truly listens and discusses everything with you. I would recommend Dr. Chung and this practice to my friends.
– Barbara W
"Thank you so much for making my plastic surgery experiences just the GREATEST! You are truly right where you belong!
– Blepharoplasty Patient (Dr. Kevitch)
"A doctor is one I believe is a fine art that requires an exclusive devotion of understanding, calling and hard work! Too often I believe things are taken for granted or over looked in life and when someone deserves appreciation I believe it should be recognized and acknowledged. I believe you are a doctor who never stops doing the best and truly cares about your patients and your practice. This is refreshing to not only see but also to experience. The professionalism does not go unnoticed by me or others. I have referred so with this I say thank you and I am grateful.
– Breast Augment & Tummy Tuck Patient (Dr. Kevitch)
"Excellent experience both in office and at the sight of surgery in the hospital, Dr. Jan was able to answer my questions, my concerns and what additional considerations that would occur in the follow up meetings that we would have to arrange for, as complete a reconstruction of my nose to have it appear aesthetically acceptable.
– David L
"I especially liked Dr. Jan’s bedside manner and how he took the time to answer all my questions patiently and thoroughly, before, during and after the day of surgery.
– Jennifer
"The entire staff at ASA was thorough, professional, and friendly, and all three qualities were displayed simultaneously, which is a rarity. I was referred to Dr. Chung by my OBGYN. I took it upon myself to read reviews on him and visited the ASA website. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was very apprehensive but the entire office staff was attentive to my needs. Thanks to all of the staff at ASA!
– Jennifer R
"I was referred to this practice by many friends. I appreciated how nice Dr. Chung and his assistant were, and the entire front office staff for making the process easy. The staff was attentive to my needs and I am extremely satisfied with the level of care I received.
– Kirra R
"Dr. Kevitch is amazing!! He is very calm and made me feel comfortable through the process. I am 19 and never had any surgery before so I was skeptical about rhinoplasty, however; it is something I've wanted for years. Dr. Kevitch told me everything I needed to know which made me excited and eager to have my surgery, rather than anxious and nervous. My nose was too big for my face and I had a bump on the bridge of my nose from both the front and the side. The bridge was wide and uneven and had become my biggest insecurity. Dr. Kevitch explained why my nose had grown that way and how he was going to fix it. He answered all of my questions and concerns and I was so excited for my surgery and now I am so excited about my new nose. The day of surgery I was not nervous at all and I had a great experience with my surgery. I had no pain at all afterwards, I didn't even need to take the pain medicine he prescribed to me! When he took my bandages off I was amazed. My nose was much smaller, straight and symmetrical, and from the side I have the perfect slope I always wanted. Dr. Kevitch completely exceeded my expectations! Both my surgery and recovery went so smooth. I had no pain or complications and there were no surprises. Everything I experienced he had told me about and I was prepared for, therefore; it was the easiest and best experience. Dr. Kevitch is an awesome doctor and I am so thankful for his work and his team! I highly recommend Dr. Kevitch to anyone interested in rhinoplasty!!
– Liz Corvino
"Dr. Chung’s surgical skills achieved fabulous results for me. I came to ASA because I heard about Dr. Chung’s great reputation as a surgeon. I would absolutely recommend your practice to my friends. I look younger and have no evidence of scarring. Thank you, Dr. Chung!
– Scott G