CO2lift mask – great gift for mom

This is a super hydrating mask treatment that can easily be done at home.  No invasive procedure is needed to help increase skin hydration, lift, and tighten skin, help the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone, reduce dark undereye circles, and reduce redness and swelling.

This easy-to-use gel mask infuses carbon dioxide into the skin which triggers the body to respond by rushing oxygen-rich blood to the tissue.  Gentle and soothing and can be used up to the lash line and on the lips. 

Also works great post laser and microneedling to bring down redness quickly.  Can be used immediately post-treatment.  Excellent for dry skin with a significant increase in moisture it leaves skin feeling wonderful.

This is a great Mother’s Day gift!  

We are offering 20% off until the end of May on the single pack of Co2 Lift Mask.

Peptide Firming Treatment

A great summer treatment to help firm the skin.  This peptide enzyme treatment helps to detoxify the skin, increase cellular energy, and boost fibroblast activity thereby oxygenating the skin, giving the skin antioxidant support, and leaving skin firm, smooth and calm.  Can be done with or without dermaplaning which is everyone’s favorite exfoliating treatment that removes peach fuzz.  Treat yourself or your mom to lovely glowing skin.  

With dermaplaning $175 | Without dermaplaning $150

Patients must call to schedule in the month of May to receive discounted treatment & scheduled to be treated by 7/31/22.

Overnight Lash Serum

If your lashes need a refresh, our new Overnight Lash Serum is a safe, effective, gentle lash serum for the promotion of new lash growth.  Supports the natural hair growth cycles of the lashes via growth factors that help regulate hair growth.  Additional botanicals to reduce oxidative stress to the lash hair follicle and additional conditioning agents to nourish the lash follicle make this a great option for lash support.  Lash extension safe, fragrance-free, prostaglandin free, and hypoallergenic.

Overnight Brow Serum

Overnight Brows is a completely safe and effective hair growth serum to help you achieve fuller brows.  A combination of 12 growth factors to help reawaken sleeping hair follicles and encourage fuller, more natural brows.  

Both are 20% off until the end of May!

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