Ear Tuck

Ear Tuck improves prominent, large or malformed ears

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually performed to reduce the size of large ears, or to set prominent ears back closer to the head. For the most part, the operation is done on children between the ages of four and 14. Ears are almost fully grown by age four, and the earlier the surgery, the less teasing and ridicule the child will have to endure.

If you are considering ear surgery for yourself or your child, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kevitch, Dr. Chung or Dr. Jan. Our practice sees patients from across the region, not only in the Lehigh Valley but from Phillipsburg, NJ to Reading, PA. Our physicians have hospital admitting privileges in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Quakertown.

Your doctor will discuss all the options and fully explain the surgery and the recovery process. An incision is made in th back of the ear so cartilage can be scultpted or folded. Stitches are used to close the incision and help maintain the new shape. Stitches are usually removed, or will dissolve in about a week. Most adults can go back to work about five days after surgery; children can usually return to school after seven days or so, as long as they are careful about playground activity.

Besides protruding ears, other ear problems that can be helped with surgery include “lop ear” where the top seems to fold down and forward … “cupped ear” which is usually a very small ear … and “shell ear” when the curve in the outer rim, as well as natural folds and creases, are missing.