Sep 14, 2017

Take Back Your Body After Breast Cancer: A Look Into the 3 Types of Breast Reconstruction

A breast cancer diagnosis alone is a lot to cope with. It’s difficult to imagine, after all the doctor’s appointments centered around the diagnosis and treatment, that you would want to schedule even more and undergo another breast surgery. However, for some women, the loss of one or both breasts due to a mastectomy or lumpectomy, is as difficult to cope with as the breast cancer diagnosis itself.

Breast reconstruction is a surgical option to help patients who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy feel whole again through surgically reconstruction of the breast or breasts. We provide patients the opportunity to regain control of their body through a unique approach, that is tailored to their individual situation.

There are typically three types of breast reconstruction:

Implant Reconstruction: 

Implant reconstruction is the most common form of breast reconstruction surgery. This procedure uses either a silicone or a saline implant to rebuild the breast. Many women choose implant reconstruction because of the quicker recovery and increased control over the size they’d like. It may be necessary to do an augmentation or reduction for women who have undergone a unilateral mastectomy, when only one breast is removed, in order to create the most natural, and symmetrical-looking results.

Flap Reconstruction:

A flap reconstruction differs from an implant reconstruction in that it uses the woman’s own tissue, including skin, fat, and muscle in the reconstruction process. Tissue is most commonly used from the abdomen, although other areas can be used as well. This technique requires a patient who has enough tissue available to create an adequate sized breast. Breasts reconstructed using the flap reconstruction method tend to age the same way as a natural breast.

Mastopexy to Opposite Breast for Symmetry (Balancing Surgery on Opposite Breast)

For patients who undergo single-sided breast reconstruction, it’s often necessary to include a balancing breast surgery on the opposite breast to create symmetrical results. This can be done utilizing a combination of breast reduction, lift, and augmentation with implants to improve contour, shape, and symmetry. Your doctor can help you decide what procedure may be right for you.

Have you or someone you love undergone cancer treatment and are considering breast reconstruction? Contact us today to discuss any questions and concerns you may have.