Oct 12, 2018

Winter months or Summer months for Cosmetic Surgery? We have a seasonal break down for you!

When is the best time of year to undergo cosmetic surgery? That's a popular question often asked during cosmetic consultations. Many opinions go back and forth. Is it the winter months or is it the summer months? It's always a smart idea to pick a time of year that works best for you. However, planning certain cosmetic operations according to the season may have some benefits to consider. 

The winter months are usually an ideal time to undergo just about any type of cosmetic surgery. The cooler weather allows for bulkier clothing, scarves, and hats to hide the swelling and any bruising that may have occurred. It is also best to stay out of direct sunlight after any operation since winter months are an easier time to select to avoid those strong UV rays. Winter months are also known for long holiday weekends which would allow further time off from work. And lastly isn't it the ultimate New Year's resolution to look your best at any age? New Year, New You! 

When looking into Spring Months for surgery we find it to be another opportune time for cosmetic procedures. Patients have a mindset that summer is right around the corner! This motivation springs from wanting to be ready for the beach, bathing suits, weddings, parties and vacations. Some patients prefer to enjoy the winter holidays and winter activities and choose to have their surgery in the spring. This time of year also gives the patient a chance to diet and exercise to lose the extra holiday weight. This too helps with maximizing results from your desired procedure. 

If you enjoy the summer months, and being outside in the sun, then summer is not an ideal time for surgery.  For some patients that would be a reasonable option. However, that means staying indoors to allow for required healing. You may think of resting by the pool during the summer months is a good idea, unfortunately, it's not. The heat and sun can prolong recovery time during the post-operative period. If you do decide to have surgery during the summer, listen to your surgeon and plan on staying indoors for about 1-2 weeks depending on the procedure. Another thing to consider is many body contouring procedures require post-operative abdominal binders or garments to aid with your recovery. Some may think it is not very comfortable to wear these garments in the summer heat. 

Overall one of the most important things to remember when scheduling a cosmetic surgery is the best time of year that will allow an appropriate time for a patient to have a safe and healthy recovery. When this is done correctly it also helps with maximizing results. 

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