Nov 10, 2016

Thicken your thinning hair without chemicals or surgery!

A huge percentage of the population will experience thinning hair at some time in their lives. Because this condition can be stressful and adversely affect self-esteem, men and women are always looking for proven ways that can help them remedy it. Viviscal is one such popular option. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for an oral treatment and one that’s not laden with chemicals.

Viviscal is a 100% drug-free supplement that has been shown, in seven clinical trials, to reduce hair shedding, increase hair diameter, and increase scalp coverage. It does this by supplying vital nutrients to the hair follicles and prolonging the hair growth cycle, thereby promoting hair growth. The main ingredient in Viviscal, Aminomar, was discovered by a professor in the 1980s who was studying the Inuits (a group of indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Canada) and saw that their hair and skin were beautiful.  He discovered that their protein-rich diet of fish was the reason for their amazing looking hair and skin and he isolated the protein which is what Aminomar is derived from.

Viviscal is available over the counter (Viviscal Extra Strength) and in a stronger professional version which has added ingredients for nourishing the hair (Viviscal Professional) which we recommend and provide to our patients here at Kevitch, Chung & Jan, Aesthetic Surgery Associates. In clinical studies, the over-the-counter Viviscal Extra Strength increased terminal hair growth by 32%, with no increase in hair diameter.  But with patients who used Viviscal Professional, there was a 57% increase in terminal hair growth after three months and an 80% increase after six months. There was also a 12% increase in hair diameter after six months with the Viviscal Professional.

Viviscal is not tested on animals and will not make body hair grow. Because it is a marine-based supplement it is not for anyone who is allergic to seafood/shellfish, pregnant or lactating. It’s also not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Two tablets must be taken daily, ideally with breakfast and dinner. It will take about six months for you to see the true results of your Viviscal Professional program:

  • Month 1: Hair follicles are nourished. And you may see improvement in your nails.

  • Month 2: New thin wispy hair starts to form.

  • Month 3: Breakage and thinning decline.

  • Month 4: Hair feels and looks stronger.

  • Month 5 and beyond: Hair continues to appear fuller and lush.

Obviously, Viviscal is ideal for anyone who wants healthier, more beautiful hair, including people who are using topical hair loss products or are having a procedure, such as NeoGraft, for the transplantation of hair. If this sounds like you and you’d like to learn if this product is right for your hair situation, please call our office today. We would be happy to discuss it with you. Both Katie and Jami here at Kevitch, Chung & Jan, Aesthetic Surgery Associates are users of this product and highly recommend it. Contact us if you think Viviscal is right for you!