May 06, 2019

Need a Mommy Makeover?

While you’d never trade the experiences of pregnancy and motherhood for anything … and you love devoting your entire self to your child or children … there’ll probably come a time when you catch of glimpse of yourself in the mirror and a little part of you wishes you could just do a little something for yourself — something to help you regain the body of the pre-mommy you.

Yes, you’ve changed your diet (no more ice cream with pickles!) … and you walk every day with your little one … and you try to sneak in a quick DVD workout during his or her naptime … but you just can’t seem to resolve the following issues on your own …

• Excess abdominal fat
• Loose skin on the breasts or stomach
• Stretchmarks on the breasts or stomach
• Lost volume in the breasts
• An overabundance of volume in the breasts
• Large, stretched nipples

Truth is, biologically, these are issues that you just will not ever be able to remedy on your own. But with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can get your body back to pre-motherhood shape — by treating yourself to a “Mommy Makeover.” 

A “Mommy Makeover” is the nickname given in recent years to the collection of cosmetic surgeries that can help women improve the appearance of their bodies after pregnancy. Pregnancy affects women differently, so the procedure or procedures you should consider will depend on how your particular body responded to pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

The makeover usually includes one or some combination of the following …

Body sculpting — to help you get your shapely figure back

Breast augmentation — for breasts that have lost fatty tissue

Breast lift — to correct breasts that are sagging and have loose skin; nipples that point downward and/or have grown in size

Breast reduction —  to reduce the size of breasts that do not return to their original, smaller pre-pregnancy size   

Liposuction — to remove excess fat that has accumulated in various areas of the body during pregnancy

Tummy tuck — a great solution for loose abdominal skin, stretch marks on the lower abdomen and weakened abdominal muscles

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