May 31, 2016

Now I have to buy new clothes!

Bridget S. first came to Kevitch, Chung & Jan for eyelid surgery to correct her droopy eyelids which were making her look both tired and older than she was. After the wonderful experience she had here with that procedure, she consulted with us again to have a tummy tuck performed to remove the excess skin she had at her belly which was causing her both medical issues and aesthetic concerns. Here is Bridget’s story …

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“The first time the compression garment finally came off … Dr. Chung said that what I saw was not the final result,” explains Bridget S. still with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

“He explained that your body needs a good three to four months after the tummy tuck procedure to heal and see the final results. In fact, he would not even discuss results with me. He said results would come later. He was very focused on seeing that I first had a successful recovery. I did everything he told me to do. I even went for lymphatic massages which he had suggested. I believed it helped with my swelling and recovery.”

“We also discussed me coming back for a little ‘touch-up’ which was something Dr. Chung did explain to me prior to having my tummy tuck. Dr. Chung told me that because of the large amount of skin that they were removing I might end up with ‘dog ears’ — which are common with a tummy tuck when you remove a lot of skin. It’s just excess skin at the end of the incisions that develop because they try to keep the incision as short as possible. Touching this up is included as part of the procedure. He’ll do this right in his office at least 90 days after the procedure.”

“He was so right about waiting the 90 days to see the full results. Once I got to like 99 days, I noticed even more of a difference. I was still a tiny bit swollen at that point but I could look down and see I no longer had that big belly. Just flat skin. I thought to myself, ‘Now I have to buy new clothes!’”

Bridget’s tummy tuck story will continue in her next blog post …