Jun 08, 2016

I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I wish I would have had it done 10 years earlier

Bridget S. first came to Kevitch, Chung & Jan for eyelid surgery to correct her droopy eyelids which were making her look both tired and older than she was. After the wonderful experience she had here with that procedure, she consulted with us again to have a tummy tuck performed to remove the excess skin she had at her belly which was causing her both medical issues and aesthetic concerns. Here is Bridget’s story …

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“I would do it again in a heartbeat,” exclaims 49-year-old Bridget S. as she looks down at her flat, flabless stomach. “In fact, I wish I would have had it done 10 years earlier— Absolutely. Without a doubt!”

“It looks amazing. I feel amazing. Now I don’t have that big piece of skin that I was walking around with. It’s allowed me to be more active and not have those rashes and infections.”

“I don’t have a bad scar. The recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I was back to work in four days … driving in just three days. You just have to stay active. Sure it’s different from person to person, but for me it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.”

“I’ll always go to Kevitch, Chung & Jan because they put my needs first. They’re always concerned with what I want. Not trying to push a certain procedure. They are family to me. I feel like I can go in there and we can talk about anything. They treat me as a human being first, not a body. They put me at ease every single time I go there.”

“During my recovery for the tummy tuck, Dr. Chung said if I ever have a problem that I should call and let him know immediately! That shows respect for me and my health. You don’t find that very often today.”

Bridget’s tummy tuck story will continue in her next blog post …