Feb 24, 2016

You Look Tired

Yet another one of our satisfied patients has volunteered to share her stories with everyone on our ASA blog. Bridget S. first came to Kevitch, Chung & Jan because she was unhappy with how her droopy eyelids were making her look both tired all the time and much older than she really is. After the wonderful experience she had here with her cosmetic eyelid surgery, she eventually consulted with us again to have a tummy tuck performed to remove the excess skin she had at her belly which was causing her both medical issues and aesthetic concerns. Here is Bridget’s story …

“People were always coming up to me and saying, ‘You look tired’ and ‘You look mean’” explains 49-year-old Bridget S., recalling her appearance before the cosmetic eye surgery she had done at Kevitch, Chung & Jan. “And I would say, ‘But I’m not! I’m not!’ Hearing these comments again and again made think I should do something about my eyes.”

“I first learned about Kevitch, Chung & Jan through my job. They became a client of mine and I was curious to learn as much as I could about their business for my work so I went to one of their open houses. The open houses are very informal and a great way to meet the doctors and learn about the procedure you are interested in in a casual atmosphere. If you are hesitant or embarrassed about having a procedure, attend an open house — you’ll be at ease.”

“I was standing there and Dr. Chung began talking with me. He asked me what I was interested in and I mentioned my eyelids. I explained I wanted my eyes to be a bit more open and right then and there he asked if he could touch my face! And so he looked me over right there at the open house and said I could benefit from some work on my eyelids.”

“Then he told me to first take an eye exam because the procedure could be covered by my insurance — if it (your sagging eyelids) affects your vision substantially, insurance will cover it. I failed the eye exam because my eyelids were so droopy and they were obstructing my vision — so part of my procedure was going to be covered by insurance. I then made up my mind and called to schedule a consult!”

Bridget's story will continue in upcoming blog posts.