Aug 12, 2016

No more underarm sweat … no more stink … no more deodorant — the beauty of miraDry!

HIGH 5 - miraDry eliminates underarm sweating

Sweaty armpits.

Yes, this is an unattractive subject. Which is exactly why we’re discussing it.

Imagine if you could do away with all the unattractive aspects of wet underarms. Yes, that’s right — no more wet, sweaty, stinky, gross underarms. In fact, no more underarm deodorant either!

Just imagine …

You’d never have to worry about whether or not your antiperspirant is going fail you during high-stress situations.

You’d never again face the alarm and embarrassment of actually forget to put deodorant on in the morning before you leave the house (c’mon admit it — we’ve all done this while rushing to get out the door … and then faced the horror once you’ve gotten to work).

You’d never worry if your shirt is going to show wet marks when you take off your jacket.

You’d never have to worry about deodorant marks being visible on your dress — or worse yet, your underarms — when you go sleeveless.

You’d never be concerned about being out for the day and not having time to shower before heading out for the night.

You’d never again have to worry about being all smelly and wet when you unexpectedly need to run errands after hitting the gym.

If you don’t want to have to worry about underarm sweat anymore, contact us today and ask about miraDry. It’s a painless procedure that takes about an hour to complete. You can go to work the next day. And it lasts forever! No more sweat. No more stink. No more deodorant. That’s the beauty of miraDry.