Apr 25, 2017

When diet and exercise aren’t enough, how can I get my pre-baby body back?

A fitness routine is good and diet is important but what if it’s not enough to lose the baby weight? It’s something we hear all the time. While it’s important that diet and exercise are at the core of your efforts, it's very likely that no amount of spin classes, morning runs, and walks in the park will bring about the change you want.

Body sculpting procedures and breast augmentation are both procedures that make up our special Mommy Makeover offering and can help bring about the big change you are looking for, or help you get rid of those last few pounds and extra skin.

 We have answers for some of the most common concerns:

“I can’t seem to lose the fat around my stomach, even with weekly workout classes and evening runs.”

You can’t control where you lose fat. Where your body loses fat has more to do with genetics than what exercise you’re doing.  Even with dieting and moderate exercise, leftover fat surrounding the abdominal area often needs a little help. Using body sculpting procedures and liposuction, we are able to get your body back.

“Why can’t I seem to get rid of the loose skin around my stomach and breasts?”

Overstretched skin around the abdomen and breasts is not something that can be toned back to its previous elasticity. According to WebMD, a large factor that plays into skin elasticity is how long the skin was stretched out. No matter if weight loss is gradual or happens quickly, skin elasticity is not something that is often restored. Breast augmentation can help restore breasts that have lost their fatty tissue due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Likewise, a tummy tuck is a great solution for loose abdominal skin and weakened abdominal muscles.

“How can I restore volume to my breasts?”

Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures can help restore volume and correct large or stretched nipples. Breast reduction procedures are also available to help reduce the size of breasts that don’t return to their original, pre-pregnancy size.

“Is there anything I can do to reduce stretchmarks on my stomach and breasts?”

Absolutely. Breast augmentation and tummy tucks can also help reverse and reduce the appearance of stretch marks across the body.

If you are feeling discouraged with the constant effort to reverse the effects of pregnancy on your body, don’t worry. Many of the effects of pregnancy cannot be reversed or reduced even with hard work and dieting. To come up with an individualized plan to feel better about your body, contact us today.