This procedure is for patients who may have loose skin and/or fat in the neck area. If you desire to have a sleeker neck area with a distinct jawline or have too much skin or fat on your neck, a PrecisionTx procedure could be the answer for you. 


What is the procedure?

Aesthetic Surgery Associates offers a minimally invasive option for firming and lifting sagging skin on the lower face, jawline, and neck. PrecisionTx is a side-firing laser that reduces small deposits of fat and sagging skin on the jawline and neck, resulting in a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

PrecisionTx can also be done under local anesthesia during an in-office surgery.

How it works

Through a small incision, a very thin tube containing the PrecisionTx laser fiber is inserted and delivers thermal energy directly under the skin to treat fat and tighten tissue. PrecisionTx offers minimal downtime and increases collagen production which improves skin elasticity, thickness, and texture.

Take the next step to a fresher more youthful appearance and lift and revitalize your face and neck with PrecisionTx. 

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