Corrective Breast Revision Surgery

There's nothing more discouraging than a patient undergoing surgery only to be dissatisfied with their results. Patients often come to us looking for revisions to previous surgeries, either due to poorly executed surgery by another surgeon, or due to new surgical techniques that may correct previous surgery. No matter the reason, we take special care to ensure that our corrective breast revision surgery leaves every patient satisfied and confident with their results.
Corrective Breast Revision Surgery

What is the procedure?

Common complaints that patients have when coming to us for breast revision are asymmetrical breasts, poorly positioned implants, divots or hollows, dated techniques, and capsular contracture (hardening around the implants).

Our doctors are skilled in the latest reconstructive, augmentative, and revisionary breast procedures to leave our patients satisfied with their results. Our precise, detail-oriented approach and commitment to correcting prior breast surgeries and reconstruction results in natural-looking breasts and the confidence our patients deserve.

How it works

Breast revision surgery is a unique approach that includes a review of  the previous surgical procedures and desired outcome of each patient. We use a custom blend of cutting edge technology and latest treatment options to ensure that each patient's results are as expected and that they leave satisfied with the outcome and level of care.

To discuss your unique challenges, expectations, and if breast revision surgery is right for you, contact our office. Schedule a Consultation