Enhance Your Curves with Butt Augmentation Surgery

Patients with insufficient body fat to opt for a Brazilian butt lift may be the perfect candidate for a butt augmentation using implants.
Enhance Your Curves with Butt Augmentation Surgery

What is the procedure?

Patients who are looking to enhance their curves with a fuller and rounder butt often opt to have butt augmentation surgery using an implant. Factors that lead to a flat buttocks include age and weight loss. Although fat transfer is often sought out to enhance curves, some patients lack the body fat or need additional volume. In this case, implants are a great permanent solution to add fullness.

How it works

Prior to surgery, the surgeon will work with you to decide what size and shape would be right for your body type. During a butt augmentation, the chosen implant will be placed on top of the bone area, under the muscle.

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